Achieve, Believe, Create

Meet the staff

Here are the teachers you will meet at Westfield from January 2018,
Click on Photo Gallery to see some examples of children's work,

Mr Tim Bowden

Read the Headteacher's Welcome Message


Mrs Farenden

Year 6 


Mrs Jackson

Year 5



Miss Hannah Johnson

Deputy Headteacher/Year 4 


Mr Welch

Year 3



 Mrs Kane and Mrs Hayward
        Year 2       

Mrs Alison Mayes
Year 1

  Miss Stevens

                Mrs Roberts and Mrs Rogers 
      Senior Teachers/Reception




Mrs White
MFL Teacher/Maths Interventions




SENco and School Lead for Autism

Mrs Sarah Selatna-Reeves
Maternity Leave




Mrs Susan Beardsmore
Maternity Cover


Our Staff

Each class is supported by a teaching assistant as well as
Mrs Christodoulou (known as Mrs Maria) who supports Computing.
ict work

Our Teaching Assistants are Ms Quill-Esser, Mrs Mundin, Mrs Young
 Mrs Walsh, Mrs Pratley

Mrs Tigwell is our Family Support Adviser
(Please see separate crayon)
You can contact her via the school office or
on 07592 577 516

Mrs Truszkowska - EAL Support (on maternity leave)

Mrs Taylor is SEN Teaching Assistant/Speech and Language

Mrs Robinson is SEN Teaching Assistant


Mrs T Corrigan -  Reception
Miss Maunders - Individual Child in Year 3
Welfare Support in Year 1 - Miss Murray 

Mrs Bartlett - Displays


Mr Wright is our Site Manager, Mrs Whitworth is our Office Manager and
Mrs Arnold is our Admin Assistant.

Cartoon Chef
Mrs Tye is our cook, she is assisted by Mrs Dellar and Mrs Bhadesia. 
They cook fantastic food for us!

We have Midday Supervisory Assistants to look after children at lunchtime.

They are 
 Mrs Walsh, 
Mrs Wade, Miss Murray, Miss Aguillon and Mrs Greaves and 
Teaching Assistants who help out on a daily basis.

Our Senior Midday Supervisor of MSA's is Mrs Maria

Our cleaner is Mrs Greaves.