Family Support Lead




My name is Sue Tigwell, I am a Family Support Adviser at Westfield CP School.

My role in school is to provide a high quality service for children and their families.  I can support and address social, emotional and health issues that can stop children being ready to learn.
I can help with any worries or concerns that you may having in relation to your child's education, behaviour and wellbeing.
I am available as someone 'to talk to' should you feel the need.
I can offer practical and emotional support for children and families who are struggling with any of the following:-

Domestic Violence and Abuse:
Domestic Violence and Abuse can happen to anyone.  Get help to recognise the signs and where to get help.

Loss & Bereavement
I am trained in this to address the needs of children and adults experiencing loss and grief, recognising these needs and providing support.

Bullying/School issues
Support and guidance on these issues.  Bullying can affect your child's self-esteem and education.

Challenging Behaviour
Support and guidance if you are experiencing challenging behaviour from your child/children.

Anxiety is a feeling of fear or panic.  Support and guidance around any of these issues.

Separation of divorce
Support and guidance to help make this difficult transition slightly easier.

Drug & Alcohol use
Support and guidance in signposting to the relevant services.

Housing/homeless issues
Support and guidance around your housing needs.

Additional Education needs - Linked with SENCO
Support and guidance in signposting to the relevant teams and services.

Debt & Finances
Support and guidance in budgeting and signposting to the relevant services.

Family Mediation (not court level)
Mediation is a way of sorting our any differences with the help of an impartial person when the family is at risk of any breakdowns.

Mental Health
Take the first step to improve your mental wellbeing - support and guidance and signposting to the relative services.

Food Parcel/Food Bank
I can provide food parcels for families.  Please feel free to ask

Advice and Support is always confidential although concerns relating to the safeguarding of children will always be dealt with in accordance with the school's safeguarding and child protection policy.

How to contact me:
I am always happy to speak via a telephone conversation or meet with you.
I am based in school from 7:30am until 4:30pm Monday- Thursday.

I can be contacted directly on 
 07592 577 516 or via email or through the school office 01992 465 739