Early Reading and Writing

As part of the EYFS curriculum, phonics is taught daily and embedded across all areas of the curriculum through a range of child-initiated learning both indoors and outdoors. For more information about specific phases and content, please visit the phonics section.


How to say the sounds

If you would like further information about how to say the phonic sounds clearly and support your child at home, this video provides the correct pronunciation of each sound (phoneme).



Stay and Read

A weekly ‘Stay and Read’ session is held in Reception from 8:50 – 9:10am. During this time, we encourage families to join us in the classroom to read with their child.



Mathematics is taught daily in reception and embedded across all areas of the curriculum through child-initiated learning activities.


2Build A Profile

2Build is an electronic learning journal which encapsulates your child’s journey through Reception. This is added to on a weekly basis by all members of the EYFS team. At Westfield, we believe that learning is continuous and we encourage parents to engage in this platform by showing us the learning that their children have been involved in at home.


Physical Development

P.E is taught weekly in Reception by the class teacher, using the scheme provided by ‘Get Set 4 Sport’. Children are encouraged to change into or out of their P.E kit independently, but staff are always available to support where necessary. Gross and fine motor skills are constantly revisited throughout the week across a variety of child-initiated learning opportunities. These include activities such as ‘Busy Fingers’ which focuses on strengthening the muscles of the hands; using the large climbing frame to build core strength; use of the tyre zones for strength and control.


Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is encouraged in Reception and every child receives a healthy snack daily. There is also an opportunity to purchase milk for your child and water is readily available throughout the day. The government provides a healthy lunch free of charge for all children up to the end of Key Stage 1. This includes a choice of a hot vegetarian or meat-based meal, a jacket potato or a school packed lunch. Parents with children who have dietary requirements are required to meet with the school cook before the start of term.



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