Read Write Inc. Spelling is a programme covering all the spelling requirements of the National Curriculum 2014. Using a proven approach underpinned by phonics, the programme is for children in Years 2–6 (P3–7) and includes preparation for the statutory spelling assessments in England.

Whole School Approach to Spellings


Year 1 – 10 words (Pupils learn up to 10)

2 tricky words E.g. was, you

6 words focused on a particular phoneme (Linked to current Letters & Sounds Phase)

2 topic words E.g. add, subtract (Build up to in the Summer Term)


Year 2 – 10 words (Pupils learn up to 10)

3 HFW/ misspelt words E.g. when, some, they

5 from current spelling unit (Only use words from Read, Write Inc. – this way we can ensure correct pitch in each year group!)

2 topic words E.g. add, subtract


Lower Key Stage 2 (Year 3 & 4) – 15 words (Pupils learn up to 15)

3 HFW/MFW/ misspelt words E.g. because, would, which

5 from current spelling unit 

4 from Year 3 & 4 word list E.g. actual, accident, address, answer

3 topic words E.g. Rome, Roman, ancient


Upper Key Stage 2 (Year 5 & 6) – 20 words (Pupils learn up to 20)

Up to 10 words from current spelling unit E.g. direction, competition, appreciation 

If there are appropriate common misspelt words E.g. beautiful, different, rhetorical, these are to be included in the 10 words and the number of spelling unit words reduced accordingly.

5 from Year 5 & 6 word list E.g. accommodate, accompany, according, achieve, aggressive

5 topic words E.g. evolution, adaptation, habitat, classify, organism



Challenger! – Work through alphabet & choose number of words appropriate