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Westfield CP School

Westfield takes steps to make sure every child is ready to learn and enjoy life.

The Inclusion Team




For those of you not familiar with our Inclusion Team, we are:

Hannah Johnson – SENDCo/Deputy Head 

Sue Tigwell – Family Support Lead and Mental Health Lead

Our roles are:

SENDCO and Head of Inclusion – Leads the Inclusion Team, having strategic overview of SEND and the school. Responsible for tracking data and raising standards for pupils with SEND. Key liaison for external agencies including EP, Speech and Language, etc. Responsible for Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs), individual pupil funding, and monitoring teachers’ SEND paperwork.


Behaviour Lead – Lead on Herts Steps and Pivotal Education, the behaviour philosophies that underpin our behaviour policy. Supports and coaches staff in teaching children about their behaviour, including reasons for behaviour and strategies to encourage positive choices. Manages reintegration of pupils into full-time in the classroom. Supports SENDCO with data and raising standards.


Mental Health Lead - Builds clear working links with children and young people’s mental health services so that the school can refer to the NHS when appropriate. Coordinates the school’s provision for pupils’ mental health needs, including oversight of interventions where they are being delivered by staff. Oversees the mental health interventions that take place in school. Gives members of staff the knowledge and skills they need to support children with emerging mental health issues. Assesses the outcome of interventions on pupils’ attainment and wellbeing.

Family Support Lead – Provides a high quality service for children and their families. Supports and addresses social, emotional and health issues that can stop children being ready to learn. Helps with any worries or concerns that parents may have in relation to their child's education, behaviour and wellbeing. Available as someone 'to talk to' should parents feel the need. Offers practical and emotional support for children and families who are struggling with any of the following: Domestic violence and abuse, loss and bereavement, bullying/school issues, challenging behaviour, anxiety, separation of divorce, drug and alcohol use, housing/homeless issues, additional education needs - linked with SENDCO, debt and finances, family mediation (not court level), mental health, food parcel/food bank.


Nurture Lead - Leads the learning of a group of pupils who experience a range of needs and challenges (primarily social, emotional and behavioural). Plays a lead role in the development of the nurture group in accordance with nurture group principles to ensure that barriers to learning are reduced and to support students achieve their full potential. Plans and delivers engaging and motivating experiences relevant to the nurture group principles (children’s learning is understood developmentally; the room offers a safe base; nurture is important for the development of self-esteem; language is understood as a vital means of communication; all behaviour is communication; transitions are significant in the lives of children). Provides support for a named group of children through a carefully structured timetable that balances learning, affection and structure within a caring home-like atmosphere.

Therapeutic support Supervises and provides particular support to children, ensuring their safety and access to learning activities. Develops a holistic approach to meeting Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs, and enabling learners to make good progress. Establishes therapeutic relationships with students and interacts with them according to individual needs. Promotes the inclusion and acceptance of all students. Encourages students to interact with others and engage in activities led by teachers. Sets challenging and demanding expectations and promote self-esteem and independence. Helps students develop resilience and independence, both learning in lessons and forming positive relationships with peers and staff.

Our contact details are on the website if you ever wanted to get in touch about anything. We have an open-door policy (more of an open-phone and open-email policy at the moment) so please do get in touch if you needed to ask or talk through something.

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