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Westfield CP School

Westfield takes steps to make sure every child is ready to learn and enjoy life.

Pupil safety and well-being


At Westfield we ensure that your children are safe and well cared for at all times. Safeguarding is our top priority. We encourage the children to explore our setting and learn as freely as possible within a safe and supportive environment.

Once the children have entered the Reception classroom in the morning and the parents have left the garden area, the gates are securely locked. They remain locked until the end of the day at 3.15pm. The gates are only unlocked in the event of a fire. Throughout the year, we have practice fire drills and emergency shutdown drills. The children are briefed in an age appropriate manner about these drills before they take place.

The EYFS Team complete a twice daily risk assessment of the classroom and outside area. Any risks are dealt with immediately and before the children are allowed to access these areas.

All door handles for entry and exit to the classroom are positioned up high. This ensures that no child can leave the classroom or enter the garden without an adult. We have two toilets in the room for Reception use only. The toilet doors are unlockable and are open at the top and bottom for safety.

We have a number of staff who have undertaken paediatric first aid training. There will always be at least one member of staff in the Reception classroom who holds a full Paediatric First Aid training qualification.

We take e-safety very seriously. There are two computers in the classroom that the children can explore during learning time. The EYFS Team will set up age-appropriate programmes for the children to access. The school ensures that all firewalls are in place to protect the children when they are exploring the computers.

We have an extremely thorough cleaning schedule within the Reception classroom and garden – our resources, toys and furniture are cleaned on a regular basis. Regular handwashing is a part of our daily routine.

As parents, it is your responsibility to ensure that all of your contact details are up to date with the school office. This will start with the completion of your child’s Westfield new starters pack.

For more information regarding school safeguarding please see the school website. https://www.westfieldjm.herts.sch.uk/statutory-information/policies

Pupil wellbeing

We are a STEPS school. This means we take a therapeutic approach to supporting children with their behavioural and emotional needs. The STEPS approach is inclusive and ensures that all children are supported appropriately and can fulfil their potential.

Please see the Behaviour policy under the policy section of the website for further information. https://www.westfieldjm.herts.sch.uk/statutory-information/policies

Collecting from school

Please ensure that the school has an up-to-date list of the adults who have permission to collect your child from school. If the school have any concerns, you will be called immediately.


If your child has any allergies please make sure that you have highlighted this when completing your starter pack. You will need to meet with the school cook before your child is able to have school meals. This is to ensure we are compliant with Herts Catering guidelines. Please be aware Westfield is a nut-free school. Please see the school website for current sample menus. https://www.westfieldjm.herts.sch.uk/parent-information/school-dinners


We understand that you, as parents, know your child best. Therefore, we have set up multiple lines of communication so that we can share information and so that you can support us in getting to know your child. You will have opportunities to speak to the class teacher at the beginning and end of each day. In addition to this, the EYFS Team are happy to engage in private discussions via telephone, as and when needed.

We send out termly curriculum newsletters setting out the topics and themes that will be covered during that term. We add to these to incorporate the children’s interests.

We also use Marvellous Me to send messages and to celebrate children’s achievements.

There are two opportunities for you to meet with the class teacher at Parent’s Evening. These take place in the Autumn and Spring term. However, you will receive updates from Evidence Me on a weekly basis. Evidence Me is an electronic learning journal which documents your child’s learning during both adult-directed and child-initiated activities. These updates will be sent via email/the app.
A written report is sent out in the Summer term which will celebrate your child’s learning journey throughout the whole of their Reception year.

Daily Routine

The children will enter through the Reception garden in the morning and be greeted by the Class Teacher. Once they have put their bags and coats away, the children will take part in different Busy Fingers activities designed to support their fine and gross motor skills. Throughout the morning, the children will be encouraged to engage in a range of small group and adult directed activities.

Snack time is usually around 10am. The children will have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy fruit or vegetable snack. There is drinking water available in the classroom all day. Please provide your child with a named water bottle

The children will take part in one P.E. session per week. This will be led by the Class Teacher and will support the children in all aspects of their physical development.

The children will go for lunch at 11.45am. They will eat in the dining hall where they will be supervised by the lunchtime staff. The children will then return to the Reception classroom/garden. After lunch, the children will continue to enjoy a range of child initiated and adult directed activities. The children will also have the opportunity to take part in daily story and rhyme time sessions.

The children’s day will end at 3.15pm. At this point parents/carers will enter through the Reception garden. Please wait on the grass area in front of the canopy to ensure we can see you clearly and the doorway does not become crowded. The Class Teacher will only release your child to an authorised adult.

Skills to practise at home

Toileting – Encourage your child to use the toilet independently to reduce their levels of anxiety and the risk of accidents at school. Please share any concerns you have around your child’s toileting with us as soon as possible. We are here to support you.

Dressing – In our experience, we have found children can become frustrated when they are not able to dress and undress themselves at school. We would encourage your child to first practise taking off/putting on their socks, shoes and coats. They could also try taking their uniform off and putting it on again as they will need to do this during our PE sessions. However, please be reassured that the Early Years team will be on hand to aid if needed.

Knife and fork – Our aim is for the children to have an enjoyable, sociable and stress-free lunch. If children struggle to use a knife and fork, this can create high levels of anxiety. We know this can be a challenging task for many children and therefore the lunchtime staff will be on hand to assist with dining skills if needed eg cutting up food.

Washing hands – Practise washing hands independently with soap.

Sharing/taking turns – Practise this skill by playing a board game or sharing toys with a friend. Some children can find this challenging, but we will support them with this in school on a daily basis.

 If your child has any specific skills that you feel they need support with please email admin@westfieldjm.herts.sch.uk as soon as possible. A member of the Early Years team will do their best to support you and answer any concerns or questions you may have.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to Westfield!





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