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Westfield CP School

Westfield takes steps to make sure every child is ready to learn and enjoy life.


At Westfield CP School we teach Maths in discrete daily lessons and are firm believers that it can also be used in all areas of the curriculum.  We feel that fluency in Mental Maths and the skill of being able to use number facts quickly and accurately is extremely important.  Therefore we place it at the heart of our teaching of the subject.

We ensure children receive lots of opportunities to apply their Maths skills through problem solving and reasoning lessons.  These are taught throughout the week in each class.  We also take part in STEM activities which combine the subjects of Science, Technology and Maths together.  The children show great enthusiasm during these lessons and particularly enjoy problem solving in other areas of the curriculum.

Please click on the following link to view what this looks like at Westfield.
Problem-solving Presentation.pdf

Please click the links below to view what Maths learning looks like in each year group.

The Year 1 Learner.docx Maths.pdf

The Year 2 Learner.docx Maths.pdf

The Year 3 Learner.docx Maths.pdf

The Year 4 Learner.docx Maths.pdf

The Year 5 Learner.docx Maths.pdf

The Year 6 Learner.docx Maths.pdf

Ninja Maths

At Westfield we have identified the need to strengthen the children’s fluency skills in Maths. As a result of this we have introduced the Ninja Maths programme.

What is Ninja Maths?

  • Rapid recall of times table facts and number bonds.
  • Each ‘Ninja Rank’ has a coloured wristband that children can earn the right to wear.
  • Nine different coloured bands available that represent a Ninja.
  • Once a child has earnt all of the bands, they begin again with division and subtraction.

Why Ninja Maths?

A secure knowledge of times tables is going to benefit your child throughout primary school and into secondary school as well. In fact, most of today’s jobs require some element of maths. Learning multiplication is an important foundation for learning different aspects of mathematics such as division, algebra, long multiplication, and even fractions. For students that do not have a solid grasp of the times tables, they may find these other areas hard to understand as well.

Ninja Maths Parent Presentation Year 1.pdf

Ninja Maths Parent Presentation.pdf