Achieve, Believe, Create



At Westfield CP School maths is taught using various written resources and books but the main planning/teaching structure is taken from the Abacus materials.  Abacus was part of the discussions in the National Curriculum from the very start and as a result of this has built ‘Mastery’ into the heart of Abacus.




Problem-solving and reasoning lessons are taught throughout the week in each class.

Please view the parent presentation below, for further information.




What is Mastery?

“…’Mastery’ denotes a focus on achieving a deeper understanding of fewer topics, through problem-solving, questioning and encouraging deep mathematical thinking.

“Pupils are required to demonstrate mastery of the learning from each unit before being allowed to move on to the next, with the assumption that all pupils will achieve this level of mastery if they are appropriately supported.  Some may take longer and need more help, but all will get there in the end.”

Final Report on the Commission on Assessment without Levels, DfE, 2015