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School Uniform



Our uniform is now available to purchase at Kids Connection in Hertford.
Please click on the link below for more details. 

Kids Connection Introduction (1).pdf


purple school uniform  Names in Clothing
  Please ensure your children have all of their clothing named.




Please ensure your child wears the correct uniform.  It helps to ensure everyone feels involved and part of school. 

Purple Westfield Sweat top/cardigan 

Black skirt/pinofore dress,
White polo shirt
Winter black/purple tights
Sensible black shoes
In very cold weather black boots can be worn outside 
Summer Dress with white socks and sensible summer sandals


Purple Westfield Sweat top
White polo shirt
Black trousers
Dark socks
Sensible black Shoes


P.E. Kit
Children need their P.E. kit in school everyday.  
Each half term P.E. kit will be brought home for washing.
Please ensure your child has a Westfield P.E. bag.

Long hair needs to be tied back, earrings should not be worn in P.E. lessons, because we want to reduce the possibility of accidents.

Indoor P.E. Kit required from Reception  - Year 6

socks and plimsolls

Outdoor P.E. Kit required from Year 1 - Year 6
Image of trainers
Warm Joggers
Warm sweat top

In KS1 many children cannot manage laces so could trainers be velcro.


Health + Safety

The following notices are for your child's safety.

1.  All children with long hair MUST have it tied back and please ensure if they have a fringe
     it is not covering their eyes.

2.  Earrings should be removed for swimming and PE Lessons.

3.  KS1 children should be supervised by parents before school.

4.  KS2 children - please wait with your children by the tree stump until 8:45 a.m. when children
     may go into the playground, there is no supervision before this time.

5.  No children to play in the cycle shed.

6.  No nail varnish to be worn, parents will be asked to remove it if it is worn.

7.  Please ensure your child does not have tattoos for school.


Nail Varnish
Please ensure that your child does not wear nail varnish for school, if a child is wearing it we will ask a parent to come into school to remove it.