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Westfield CP School

Westfield takes steps to make sure every child is ready to learn and enjoy life.

Friends of Westfield

We are a small group of parents who are dedicated to raise funds for the school.
Our main aim is to raise money to purchase educational and 'fun' items for the children.
This will improve their school experience and environment.

The team on the friends of Westfield is
Mrs Donna Wilkinson- Chairperson
Mrs Tracey Williams - Secretary
Mrs Lucy Eveleigh - Treasurer
Miss Jessica Brown - event organiser
Miss Natalie Eldridge - event organiser

Our fundraising includes Christmas, summer fetes, Disco and a variety of other activities.

We have an outside notice board, giant outdoor pencils for the KS1 field, the long awaiting tyre park,
a giant chess set, and Bungey Bouncers.
We have provided £5000 towards computing equipment for the school.
Also take a look at our lovely outdoor classroom.

We try to accommodate requests from children and the school council.

Our 2018 Summer fete, was a success again, we raised £1128.00
Our Christmas fete 2018, we raised over £900.00
ur Disco 2018, we raised £450.00 
Our Christmas fete 2019, we raised £1619.70 

Due to Covid Regulations there was no Summer/Christmas Fete 2020 or Summer 2021

Our Christmas fete 2021, we raised £1098
Our Summer fete 2022, we raised just over £1000
Our Christmas fete 2022, we raised £1300



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We would always welcome new parents/carers to join us. If you would like anymore information you can contact us at friendsofwestfield@westfieldjm.herts.sch.uk